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Teller Acuity Test Cards II  Product Detail

Infant Vision Screening — Teller Acuity Test for Pediatric Visual Acuity

Standard tests for visual acuity depend on verbal responses from the test subject. This is fine for adult test subjects, but pediatric vision testing, which is crucial to a child's healthy growth and development, requires a different approach. Teller Acuity Cards II can test for pediatric visual acuity without requiring a verbal response. By judging an infant's attention to a series of cards showing stripes of different widths, the vision screening professional can perform accurate infant vision screening and avoid the complex, time-consuming laboratory testing that would otherwise be necessary.

Advantages of the Teller Acuity Test

The Teller Acuity Test allows pediatric vision testing to be performed conveniently in a low-stress clinical environment, rather than in a laboratory. The Teller Acuity Test is designed specifically for easy administration. The test takes only about five to 10 minutes to complete for both eyes, and involves no discomfort on the part of the patient. The Teller Acuity Test is also useful when testing adult patients who are unable to respond verbally during screening.

Stereo Optical Teller Acuity Cards II

Teller Acuity Cards have been the preeminent pediatric visual acuity test method since they were introduced in 1986. Clinical studies have proven that the Teller Acuity Test evaluates pediatric visual acuity with unequaled accuracy and reliability, and Stereo Optical's Teller Acuity Cards II are among the best available for infant vision screening. The Stereo Optical card set includes 17 cards that test pediatric visual acuity from 20/20 to 20/3200. Stereo Optical Teller Acuity Cards II are printed digitally for optimum accuracy, and are laminated for better durability. CPT codes are available.

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